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6 Thinking Errors That Stall Weight Loss

Who’s ready to release the habit of STINKIN’ THINKIN’ ?!⁣

It’s crazy how easy we can slip into the wrong headspace.⁣

These are the thinking errors I see most within my coaching practice. ⁣I know at least one of these is resonating with you.

All-Or-Nothing Thinking

Black and white or polarized thinking – there are only two options instead of a spectrum or continuum. “I already took a bite of the cookie so I’m just going to eat the whole bag.”


Beliving the worst is going to happen without even considering other alternatives. “I just know I am going to gain all the weight back.”

Minimizing By Magnifying

Dismisses or rejects by hyper-focusing on a small imperfection or an area that still needs improvement. “I ate healthily and moved my body every day this week, but I didn’t lose a pound!

Motivated Morning

Emotional Reasoning

Negative feelings are so strong that you mistake them for the truth, while completely ignoring evidence that proves otherwise. “I am so anxious about this party, I know I’m going to overeat.”


Using current circumstances to create exaggerated conclusions that are irrelevant to the topic at hand. “This workout is too hard. I’m too far out of shape to turn this around.”


Self-imposed standards and deadlines that are unrealistic. Including “I should” statements…”I should be further along in my progress by now.”

Instead of getting down on yourself for it, start exploring alternative responses to your circumstances. ⁣

The more aware you become of your thinking patterns the easier you can begin to shift your perspective and stop ruminating in gloomsville.⁣


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