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5 Wellness Habits That Manage Stress | LRD Academy

This month we are talking all about STRESS MANAGEMENT

Specifically, we are talking about wellness habits that not only help you manage stress, but also stay consistent with your wellness routine.

Your homework:

I want you to focus on these 5 daily self-care rituals for the next several weeks. (Make sure you read to the end of this post if you need more support!)

-Screens Off 30 Min B4 Bed

-Stay Hydrated (at least 64 oz of H20 a day)

-Walk outside 40-60 minutes

-Intentional quiet time before starting the day

-Eat whole foods, limit added sugars, and excess oils/sodium 

Why focus on these habits?

Motivated Morning

Because when these items are absent in my day, THAT’S when I see my momentum start to slow. It’s the same case for my LRD Academy students.

When I was trying to lose weight and change my habits, I had NO clue how much things like sleep, dehydration, and overstimulation affected not only fat loss, but my motivation in general.

Likewise, you would likely tend to agree that when you are managing your stress properly, staying consistent with things like nutrition and exercise feels a whole lot easier. 

Tell me in the comments which of these 5 you want to work on.

PS: I LOVE having actual feedback and questions from you to answer when I am creating your content- so just know that you are never “bothering” me. The more you engage here on these posts, the more I can tailor this content specifically for YOU. 

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