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dealing with shame and guilt

Dealing with Shame and Guilt

Dealing with shame and guilt is difficult but not impossible. Do not shame or guilt yourself for the limitations of your mind. God knows we are easily distracted beings and tend to operate from our subconscious mind. He designed us that way so we can be cognizant of and focused on staying in His presence. 

How do you do that? Great question. It’s something I intentionally practice each morning. First I want you to consider this analogy. For this example, I want you to imagine doing this with your current goals or intentions (wellness, progressional, spiritual, etc). Jesus is my anchor – and I like to visualize my morning meditation in His word as going out and setting the anchor for the day.

When you first set the anchor it is strong, tight, and feels super secure- but you have to pay attention to external factors (the wind, tide, which way the currents are going- surrounding boats, etc)- these would be your daily temptations or triggers.

Prayer prepares your mindset to know which obstacles or distractions may try to rock your boat or loosen your anchor line.  Prayer keeps you on track when dealing with shame and guilt.

The second you take your focus off that line tension, you are at risk of succumbing to your old ways (negative thoughts, reactive behaviors, sabotage patterns, etc).

I know when I was trying to make lifestyle changes, it was always when I thought I could let some slack in the line that my consistency and mindset would start to waiver. To resolve this, set a reminder in your phone to go off every hour prompting you to take 3 deep breaths and return to His presence. Sure, at first it may seem tedious to break every hour- but when you realize how much time you waste operating in autopilot mode, these intentional breaks really make a difference. This is an excellent way to raise your awareness, which is ultimately what keeps you connected to His guidance.

Hope this helps.

Mama K

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  1. Tracy W Doubts says:

    So, so helpful especially this morning. Kate, you are always right on time! Thank you!

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