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Stay Healthy During The Holidays


As this holiday season sets in, I know A LOT of you are bracing for a season of potential overindulgence. Staying healthy during the holidays can be a challenge.

Many of us are already struggling with the “quarantine 15”- an added temptation from the holiday fare is the last thing we want to face.

On one hand, we want to relax, let loose, and enjoy the holidays after such a crazy year- anything to feel “normal” again, right?

And sure, some of us may have found a happy balance between the cocktails and Christmas cookies.

However, if you have serious health goals, I have found that trying to fit in behaviors/choices with NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES (ie: hangovers, feeling sluggish, etc) is actually NOT giving you balance at all.

I have a couple of questions for you:

Have you thought about what a “healthy” holiday season looks like for you?

How would it feel to be fully in control of your behaviors and decisions around each specific holiday experience?

What if you never had to worry about explaining your reasoning for not participating in certain food or alcohol-related “traditions”?

Tip: you will NEVER be able to balance things that truly have no benefit to your well being. Trust me, it will catch up. 

Here are 5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays:

-It doesn’t matter if you eat 70/30, 80/20, 90/10- if any percentages include choices that don’t make you feel good emotionally or physically.

-You actually do NOT have to consume alcohol or junk food just because it’s a “special occasion”.

-Doing things you don’t really want to do just because people around you are, illuminates your need for clearer boundaries.

-When you catch yourself behaving in a way you normally wouldn’t,  ask yourself “what about this occasion suddenly makes this ok?”

-Do not reward yourself with things you are trying to abstain from. In other words, don’t go to the gym this morning so you can eat all the Christmas candy later.

Lastly, this is SUPER IMPORTANT:

To each their own. I am totally a believer in “doing YOU.”

But, if YOU are the type of friend that tends to instigate and shame others for not drinking or setting other boundaries – please, please stop.

Take a moment to consider how hard it may be for someone to show up to an event feeling like they are going to be singled out or made fun of for not “carrying on” as usual.

Some people are secretly struggling to say sober this holiday season. Some are trying to eat more mindfully, and some just want to make healthier choices for their wellbeing over all. It likely has nothing to do with you, and these people need to be commended, not criticized.

Promise me you will do your part in supporting others who may be trying to creating healthier holidays this season.  Likewise, hold firm to your boundaries and choosing to do what keeps you feeling your best.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?

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