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Hey! I'm Kate, a holistic health and lifestyle coach. I practice nutritional healing and a total body approach to wellness. I believe we always have the ability to make healthy choices and design our lifestyle.

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Are you eating right, exercising well but still not being results? It’s super important to realize the habits holding you back from achieving your health and fitness goals aren’t always food or workout-related. If you’re frustrated at your lack of progress, it might be time to look at your routine, relationships and living environments to […]

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The average person spends around 144 minutes on social media each day. You know all those things you say you don’t have time to do? A lot of people tell me they don’t enough time to work out, prepare healthy meals or meditate. I get it, we’re busy! And social media is an amazing way to […]

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If you’ve heard me, or others, bang on about the benefits of a morning routine but keep telling yourself “nah, that’s not for me”… Let me ask you a couple of questions. Are you sick of floating through the day on autopilot, snapping at the first person who tests your patience, and never making it […]

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“Consistency is key”. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that one before. But why can it be so hard to stay consistent when trying to reach our goals? I’m often asked: “Why am I great one week and then back to old habits the next?” “Why can’t I stick with (x) longer than a week”?? Y’all […]

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Who needs to work on their sleep hygiene?⁣ I underestimated the power of sleep for SO long and I had no interest in building a healthy night-time routine. I was getting to bed at around 10-11pm and figured six hours of sleep each night was a solid effort…. Ohhh boy was I wrong. I needed […]

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Staying productive at home

Is being at home driving you ca-RAZY right now? Are you wondering how to maintain consistency and boost productivity while working from home – while keeping your sanity?? I’m blessed to work from home on the regular, so it’s been business as usual for me. But I know many of y’all are struggling with cabin […]

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If you started out on the wrong foot this morning I totally feel you. Maybe you slept in… Were late for work… Or just had a weird weekend and haven’t reset yet… Here is a quick little exercise to turn our morning around: 1. Start by closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breaths. 2. Next, while keeping […]

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Do you struggle to manage your time and get all of your important tasks done? Even when you have a full day to devote to checking things off your to-do list? I used to get WAY carried away with my to-do list expectations. Do you know the term “eyes bigger than the stomach”? For me, […]

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