I lost 80lbs and kept it off through a complete lifestyle transformation.

Hi, I'm kate

And now, my team and I are helping countless women transform their own lives—mind, body and soul—through sustainable habits, plant-based diets and proven behavioral changes.

With LRD, we’re saying goodbye to “starting over on Monday.”


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When it comes to weight-loss, it seems like there’s a different piece of “science” discovered every day. Eat this, do that, don’t drink this, don’t do that. And honestly? Trying to keep up with it is exhausting. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. After 12 years of trying (and failing) to keep up with the latest trends—I finally figured out the secret to success—the secret to changing your life. 

And the best part? I’m not keeping it a secret. I’m passing everything I’ve learned onto my students through LRD. 

Unlike other programs that focus solely on short-term, physical changes, LRD transforms every aspect of your lifestyle to create true, lasting change. In our programs, we combine the principles of behavior change with the science behind weight loss. 

We focus on nutrition, meditation and habit-forming behaviors that transform your whole life—from the inside out—in order to achieve sustainable weight loss. Say goodbye to “falling off track” again and again. With LRD, we’re not just transforming your body—we’re taking a holistic approach to healing your mind, body and soul. And the results? Well…they’re pretty extraordinary.


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